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Even though Boracay is near and can be accessible in a variety of ways (air, boat and yes, by land), many people from the Philippines haven't been there. For locals out there, I tell you, it is sooo easy.

You do not need a travel agent to arrange your trip for you. In fact, travel agents charge more than doing things yourself. All you need is timing and a little bit of searching.

You would think that going to Boracay by boat or by bringing your vehicle via RoRo (roll on, roll off) will save you a lot of money, you are dead wrong. There are a lot of airlines out there that offers budget rates that can save you a lot of time and money. I recently got my round trip ticket at Tiger Airways (operated by SeaAir) for only Php 699.00 per way all in!

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Interested? Check out the websites of the different airlines and search for the best deals:

1. Philippine Airlines
2. Cebu Pacific
3. Air Phil Express
4. Sea Air
5. Zest Air
6. Tiger Airways

What about hotels? We heard about cheap accommodations in Boracay. So, how cheap is cheap. Are you ready to sleep in cockroach infested fan rooms and pay premium or use that same money to get a descent air conditioned room near the beach? Check out the different online hotel booking service and get instant reservations:
1. Booking.Com
2. Agoda
3. Hotels Combined
4. Direct Rooms
5. Philippine Hotels Reservations

What happens when you arrive? How would you get from Kalibo or Caticlan Airports to your hotel? Would you need someone to arrange land (bus or van) and boat transfers? Luckily, there's one reliable company that I know of wherein you can book and pay online. The rate is low that it's as if you have done the arrangement yourself. Check out South West Tours and know your options.

Try to arrange you trip and compare it to your local travel agent. I would be glad to know if I helped you with your plans by sharing you experiences on the comments field below.
See you in Boracay!

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